Welcome to World Group. 106 Years old business Organization started from Karachi. Presently footprints/operational in Paksitan, UAE, KSA & UK with proven track record of success in business sectors including Automobiles, Real Estate Development, Education, Golf & Country Clubs, Sports & Recreation, Hi-Tech Industry, Trading, Financial Investments etc. The Group is planning to expand its business ventures in all continents and in negotiation with international organizations


I am highly grateful to Almighty Allah and humbly inform that World Group in 2017, acquired Leisure League-World’s Largest football Organization 5,6 & 7- a side football, to revolutionize Football in Pakistan. Our ultimate target is to give international level training to 100,000 Football players and Pakistan team to participate in International tournament. World renowned football Players already played exhibition matches in 2017 and Pakistan Leisure League team is participating in ISF World Cup in sept 2018.  This sports venture has been appreciated World-wide, boosting the soft image of Pakistan as safe and friendly country, fit for foreign investment and tourism.

Health, Safety, Quality, Environment and Social Welfare are among the top priorities of the World Group. Employees of the Group are our most precious Asset, whose dedication & professionalism have played major role in the growth of the World Group Internationally. We take all possible steps to look after their welfare and growth.

I feel honored to have lead World Group for over four decades and extend my gratitude and pray for great success and bright future of the Organization, business partners and  all individuals associated.

May Allah showers its bounties on us,

Mehmood Trunkwala