Mehmood Trunkwala Welfare Foundation

  • World Group along with Mehmood Trunkwala Welfare Foundation actively engaged in helping the citizen living below poverty line.
  • Keeps substantial budget and spend on health care, education, water supply, food, housing, mosque etc.


  • Manage children face cleft palette, eye cataract operations and free medical camps.



Schools & Teacher’s Training

  • Education scholarships, teachers training, I.T training, and provision of books/ uniforms.

Mosques & Madaris

Mosques & Madrasa

  • Plans to support modern educational curriculum along with religious education in the Madaris.

Water Wells

  • Provision of free sweet and safe water through installation of RO/ filter plants in the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan.
  • 300+ RO plants under installation. 1200 RO plants will INSHALLAH installed in near future. All installation, running and maintenance cost by the World Group.