Moving the Goalposts towards sustainable development
football and responsible business

We have the Heart of an NGO, are guided by UN principles, work with Entrepreneurial Spirit and have the structure and acumen of a large multinational.
We are all about People, Profit and Planet.
We nurture talent, develop demand for football and through that, address the everyday challenges that people from all walks of life face.

Our approach has always been to listen to those we engage with and of course, through that process, we’re very familiar with current issues and concerns across the development sector, so we can tailor our Football leagues accordingly.

We understand the specific needs of the sector, and the ever-increasing emphasis on governance and social impact. So, whether you are a large aid organisation such as the United Nations, a start-up, a multinational, a community organisation or a family foundation, we have a real understanding of both the development issues, both large and small as well as the sustainability and business agenda.



Making a variety of voices heard

We help provide access to communities to build the capacities of subnational institutions and actors to deliver public services in a variety of contexts, including urban settings and crisis-affected areas.

In post-crisis settings, we focus on unity, respect and leadership.
Our aim is to create an environment through football, where people can have their voice heard – especially women, youth, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and civil society more broadly.


“Armed with an understanding of how many challenges humanity has overcome so far, you’re inspired to do whatever you can to help solve today’s problems and prevent tomorrow’s.”
– Bill Gates

Outreach, Engagement and Empowerment & Why Football?

We believe that the best way to build and serve the society, is through meaningful engagement, to be inspirational and create role models and change makers from within communities. We believe that through sports and particularly football, we can collectively, inspire young people, women, the displaced and the less able to beat what have become everyday life challenges in communities across Pakistan and in other countries. We’re able to turn these challenges in to positives opportunities, developing attributes of respect, tolerance, equality and a notion of being active responsible citizens.

This provision of a communication platform enables Partners to engage the youth segment at a non confrontational level and build a strong positive association with them.

SDG Leadership Series

An exciting new initiative of interactive, open events to translate intention into action and catalyse partnerships for each of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We are leveraging Football in becoming a global tool that can be a shared force for sustainable social change – through Football we are building trust, instilling tolerance (through team work and play), gender equality, diversity and inclusion (respect for others), developing economic opportunities within communities around football income streams and building on the physical and emotional energy to impact in communities around the world.

We’re all about Partnerships, and are working in strengthening Private Sector organisations in Doing Good, not forgetting our role too and that we were also on that part of the journey too, so we want to be supportive other companies on the (SDG) journey.

What We’ve been doing is:

Convening and build networks educating the Country’s top and leading Businesses leaders, Entrepreneurs and some UN Agncies on football’s role in society

Celebrate and fund projects using football to achieve positive outcomes around the Global Goals through sport (something that we came to learn through our own journey)

Promote and advocate key social issues and communities (that came to us through the Trust we build within communities both with Elders and young people)

Build in Impact into our core products (and supply chains), services and outreach and refocus them on the SDGS both for us and for partners so that interventions are at multiple levels, are engaging & enabling and help to reach impact quicker, faster and smarter.


The Global Goals are essentially about togetherness (partnerships).
Football is one of the world’s most powerful tools to communicate and implement change. Through Football we can enhance curiosity and awareness, build health and develop both respect and trust amongst each other.
Football entwined with SDGs will inspire children, coaches, teachers and players to help take actions for the Global Goals locally and globally, so that’s why we’ve developed our programmes to include everyday champions & heroes to sporting legends, business leaders, and social entrepreneurs united by their commitment to our mission.


We’re part of shaping a sustainable future.

How we work is as important as what we do

We believe that as a business we have a responsibility to our clients and to the communities in which we have a presence.
Our commitment to responsible business and the UN Global Goals is embedded into our business agenda through our purpose and vision and carried out through the way we work and our practice which applies for all employees and others working for us, including our board of directors. We are continually integrating inclusion and sustainability where we can and this will help drive business growth.
We are working within communities, with our clients, and suppliers, engaging employees and forging new partnerships.

Connecting and Collaborating

As an umbrella for the sport for development movement, Leisure Leagues Pakistan is well placed to make connections and encourage collaboration – across sectors, across countries, across sports and across social issues.

We’re shaping a sustainable future.You need to be part of it.

Sign up to our Partners Promise and show your support globally

Football is one of the world’s most powerful communication tools. We reshape the landscape of sports through soccer – always guided by our promise.

You’re taking an important, public step to transform our world through principled business and  Participation makes a statement about your values, and it benefits both society and your company’s long-term success.

The Partner’s Promise

  • That as Partners, we are committed to raising awareness and access to all in football, which has lead us to:
  • Use Football and play as a means of creating a better world where poverty, inequity, or other unsustainable conditions exist.

Business & brand marketing solutions

Creative campaign solutions

We’ve spent over twenty five years championing those who go farther, faster or higher than anyone else on earth, and today, our stories are no longer just written in up as case studies. We harness the power of football and sportsmanship values to enrich, empower and create entertainment hubs and disrupt the norm with award-winning campaigns, whilst creating newsworthy, engaging and shareable content.
We work with global brands and businesses to create brand marketing solutions. Whether it’s to utilise our brand across multichannel platforms, we provide bespoke marketing solutions that make the extraordinary become a reality.

Employee engagement strategies

Over the years, we’ve turned our attention to the corporate world – designing and delivering tailored, unforgettable leadership events, providing innovative employee engagement programmes.


Our SDG inclusive model guides our league events in general.
In some projects, however, we pay particular attention to equally important issues and other sustainability issues.


Diversity is everything that makes us unique. We want a team that reflects all that is great in our communities and global reach.
Inclusion for us means when people become part of our team, and that includes a focus on diversity hiring, partnerships with organisations driving change and that we do everything in our power to ensure they are included and have a voice. One that is listened to and can be heard. And we, as a company, want nothing more than to ensure that every individual, every member of our team, feels like they belong here and that each of us appreciates and values all our colleagues’ uniqueness and creativity.

United Nations & SDGS

Sustainable Development Goals.
In September 2015, more than 190 countries signed up to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (Global Goals), which set out a vision for ending poverty, hunger, inequality and protecting the Earth’s natural resources by 2030.
Our role in contributing to the development of the Global Goals

The achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals will require all hands on deck and that is something we are subscribed to throughout our organisation.
We know that it will require us, to work together with different sectors and actors in an integrated manner by pooling financial resources, knowledge and expertise.
In our new development era with 17 intertwined Sustainable Development Goals and 169 associated targets as a blue-print for achieving the sustainable Future We Want, cross sectorial and innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships will play a crucial role for getting us to where we need by the year 2030.
We contributed in the early consultation to the development of the Global Goals, recognising their strategic importance to business and our future generations and sought to ensure that the voice of business was included in the negotiations.
During 2016 and 20117 we have served on a panel of representatives from government, civil society and business tasked with reviewing strengthening the ability of business to substantially help achieve the Global Goals and to raise awareness of the Global Goals and contribute to their achievement by 2030.

United Nations Global Compact.
In May 2018, we declared our commitment to the UN and its principles for business.
A key requirement of the UN Guiding Principles is for businesses to have a policy statement that addresses their responsibility to respect human rights.
We are committed to safe and healthy working conditions as well as the right to freedom of association. We expect our partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own, and where we can, bring to their attention the UNGC principles.
We act in part, as ambassadors and take that responsibility with pride.
Our commitment to human rights within our own operations, specifically our commitment to ensuring a working environment that promotes diversity, encourages and works towards a workplace where there is mutual trust, respect for human rights and equal opportunity, and no unlawful discrimination or victimisation.We continue to serve as a member of the Steering Committee in South East Asia.


Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Global Award for Women’s Empowerment.We have been recognised for fostering creative and inclusive thinking by communities to collaborate to achieve women’s empowerment, recognising that equality for all, means prosperity for all and sustainable development for communities and nations.

UN Global Compact SDG Pioneer Award.We have been recognised for doing an exceptional job of taking action on sustainable development issues through their own company or by mobilizing other businesses to do so. SDG Pioneers must be actively helping to reach one or more of the Global Goals while also contributing to business success.


Over the years we have worked with NGO’s, corporates and smaller companies, governments, the United Nations, Family owner businesses, entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and thousands of amazing people and even more thousands of amazing players.
Jazakallah, Shukriah, Thank you, UNICEF, UN WOMEN, UNDP, Save The Children, Plan, HBL, PTCL, the Pakistan High Commission and many others for endless trust, support and participation.


Give a ball

You can support us around the world.You can donate balls to schools, clubs, friends of your choice, or we can point out a school for you. You can support a player financially, which enables her or him to join our a league in Pakistan– or you can start your own campaign to rally your team, school, family, friends and colleagues to know more about the power of football to drive change.
Our warmest thanks for all the help we get.