International Socca Federation

The organization was formally launched in February 2018, in Brimingham, UK with 51 countries particpatant countries that were represented at the forum. The purpose of the formation of this organization is to promote small sided football, as it aims to bring together experts and partners from all across the globe.

Shahzaib Trunkwala, the CEO of World Group, was appointed as the Vice President of the the International Socca Federation. Moreover, Leisure Leagues Pakistan was also appointed as the representative organization in the ISF on behalf of Paksitan.

The first-ever (5, 6, 7-a-side football) World Cup will be organized by ISF in Lisbon, Portugal in September 2018.

The Annual Meeting of the International Socca Federation took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham on the 19th March 2019, as delegates from all the world analyzed the success of the SOCCA World Cup in Lisbon last year, and discussed the strategy for the small-sided football tournaments ahead.

The World Group Trunkwala Family and Leisure Leagues PK represented Pakistan on the international forum, with their achievements over the past one year being praised in the meeting. World Group’s Chairman, Mehmood Trunkwala, and ISF’s Vice President, Shahzaib Trunkwala, who also presided the session, were present at the meeting.

The meeting also informed the delegates about the rapid growth the Federation in just 13 months since its formation. From the original countries that had signed up, there were now 87 who had either joined or were in the process of being approved.

Elsewhere CEO Thanos Papadopoulos was able to whet everyone’s appetite for both the upcoming World Cup in Crete and the Champions League in the beautiful Slovenian city of Maribor. Preparations for both are now well underway, with delegates able to see impressions of the stadiums and get a feel for conditions.

After this it was the turn of the welcome special guests. ISF Head Referee, Mark Clattenburg shared his experiences in Lisbon last year at the 6 a side world cup, as well as sharing some stories from throughout his career.

Senior Presenter, Gary Newbon MBE discussed his thoughts on a lifetime in sport on TV, before ISF Director of Football, Ron Atkinson, told some hilarious tales from his decades at the very top.

The former Manchester United and Aston Villa Manager – a veteran of League Cup and FA Cup victories – had celebrated his 80th birthday the day before (“I am forty and forty anniversaries” he had joked with the crowd) and was given a cake to celebrate.

A presentation on behalf of the Trunkwala family of World Group and Leisure Leagues Pakistan was also delivered, who’s vision and generous benefaction has given so much to the organisation over the last 14 months.

World Group Trunkwala family not only oversee a resurgence of football passion in Pakistan, but they also contributed towards the small sided football’s international prospects. World Group was the main sponsor for the SOCCA World Cup organized by the International Socca Federation, the first of its kind, at the iconic Praça do Comércio in Lisbon’s city center in September 2018.

A spectacular purpose-built stadium was erected in the city’s Main Square, named the Trunkwala Arena, close to all the city’s tourist amenities, providing an idyllic backdrop to the world-class football taking place.

The week long tournament featured the best national 6-a-side teams from across the globe, with Pakistan among the participating 32 nations, and with the tournament being supported by a number of local businesses as well as receiving substantial support from the local government.

The inaugural tournament was won by Germany as they managed to edge out against rivals Poland, thanks to Niklas Kuhle’s solo goal, with the glow of their thrilling win in the Socca World Cup final etched into the history books of the ISF Socca World Cup.

The tournament’s second edition is scheduled in Crete, Greece and will take place from 12th to 20th October, 2019.

Socca World Cup


The International Socca Federation has conducted two World Cups, 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal) and 2019 in Crete (Greece).

Germany won the first-ever Socca World Cup after defeating Poland in the final. The tournament was organized in Lisbon, Portugal in September 2018.

Russia won the second edition of the tournament as they won over Poland in the final. The Socca World Cup 2019 was organized in Crete, Greece in October 2019.

Team Pakistan participated in both the tournaments under the leadership and vision of the World Group Trunkwala’s.

The first tournament included 32 different participating countries, while the second edition had 40 participating countries from various continents around the world.