WorldGroup (Trunkwala Family) Bringing Football to Pakistan

Football: a sport of exchanging a spherical ball between two teams and marking a score against your scores within each round of 30 minutes is one of the most tense sports scenarios and something thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The game of football is particularly loved for its unexpected and defensive nature. Two teams howling over one ball till one gets a chance to score a ball in the opponent’s tent. The game gets intense and exciting because in the match between two well players teams, it is likely no one scores and the game is dependent on just one point.

The region of sports has been evolving for around two and a half thousand years now as the sports historians state. At Least for a hundred years tribes/ villages and communities have been engaging in the annual sports.

250 million players playing in over 200 countries all over the globe qualify football as one of the most popular sports in the world.

At the beginning of sports existence, it was used as a measure and fitness criteria for military enrolment. In the early times, it was used to judge whether a person was fit, mentally physically fit for warfare.

The modern era of sports began in the 19th century mostly by Britain’s and it spread as they took hold of many other countries. Since then Football as a sport has come a long way with quite a few modifications.

The love of sports knows no territorial boundaries and similarly, it penetrates the regions of Pakistan as well. Along with the ever-flourishing love, the nation of Pakistan has exceptionally well invested in practicing the game as well.

Unfortunately, the state is not well invested in promoting sports as much as the nation wants. However, the Trunkwala family has been successfully keeping the football legacy alive since 1948. The family has an association with football since Haji Abu Bakar (late) organized football tournaments and contributed to the development of sports in the region. The football prodigy has been kept alive by the family through pursuing initiatives and providing a platform to the youth of Pakistan.

The aim to promote Pakistan’s positive image and talent through sports was further adopted and supported by a UK based organization named the leisure leagues which is the world’s largest group of organizing A side football leagues around the globe.

Under the banner of leisure leagues and supervision of the trunkwala family, a Project now known as World Group was launched. The project successfully organized games in different cities of Pakistan where over 300 teams played football on national grounds.

Not only the WorldGroup and trunkwala family have successfully established the sports of football in Pakistan but also exhibited one of its kind football games in Karachi and Lahore. The game series became known as Ronaldinho & Friends, where world-class footballers from Brazil, Wales, France, Netherlands, England, Portugal, and France played on the home grounds.

World groups today offer a grand platform to the youth. The organization is dedicated to investing in infrastructure and players training opportunities in Pakistan. The goal is to reach the Fifa world cup by 2026. Along with the recurrent and training of players, the organization is working towards providing lucrative incentives, foreign scholarships, and affiliation with international clubs to the promising players.