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Leisure Leagues Pakistan is one of the many operating subsidiaries under the Trunkwala business operations. Since 2017, the World Group Trunkwala have made massive investments in the football sector in Pakistan, a cricket mad nation where football was considered more of a ‘side sport’. From their launch, with the biggest football event in the history of Pakistani football, the Ronaldinho and Friends exhibition games – which drew world record crowds in Lahore and Karachi, the Trunkwala family’s World Group have looked to professionalize not just 6-a-side, but sport in general.

They have won awards from the UN for their work with women, have brought football to 80 cities from the mountains to the snowy wastes, Leisure Leagues has truly managed to achieve several milestones under the revival of football in Pakistan.

Shahzeb Mehmood Trunkwala

This was the vision that was brought to reality under the leadership of Shahzeb Trunkwala of World Group, who wanted to create a platform for the youth of Pakistan to be able to exhibit and excel in their talent. From bringing international level stars in the country to taking the Pakistani National Team of small-sided football to the Socca World Cups in Portugal and Greece respectively, the Trunkwala family has come a long way in establishing the base for football enthusiast to be able to engage in the sport meaningfully. Shahzeb is also serving as the Vice President of International Socca Federation, a governing body for small-sided football, being the only Asian at the executive level.

Not only that, but the efforts in the form of Leisure Leagues have also been able to translate into financial growth for football as a sports industry. Due to the expansive league model and market penetration thanks to the popularity of the sports, more and more brands have partnered or associated themselves with the work done under the brand.

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